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Follow the leaps and bounds of America’s real super heroes in HIA Toys’ new action figures who bring history to life in stunning 6 inch detail.

Bessie Bessie Coleman

Fearless Fly Girl

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Tearing up the skies with her daredevil dives, barnstorming Bessie Coleman flew low and zoomed high. Audiences gasped when Bessie performed barrel rolls and the wings of her plane touched the tips of the clouds like a bird on high. Bessie was the first Black woman to earn a pilot’s license in America. No flight school would accept her in the US because she was Black, so she learned to fly in France. Bessie performed spectacular air shows across the US and her fearless spirit and flare for drama made her queen of the air. This sassy French trained pilot comes ready for flight adorned with goggles, vintage scarf, map and interchangeable heads. She has multiple joint pins, enabling her to strike many poses from jumping into her plane to waving to her fans.

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Banneker Benjamin Banneker


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Tick tock went the clock--- for 40 years the clock Benjamin Banneker built kept perfect time. But time didn’t stop this genius from becoming a famous mathematician, astronomer and surveyor. He surveyed the city of Washington, DC with Pierre L’Enfant, published a widely read Almanac and challenged Thomas Jefferson on the issue of slavery. Banneker was always studying something and never stood still. He has a flexible body to keep up with his many jobs and carry all his tools. His telescope lets him gaze at the cosmos. He also comes carrying his trusty Almanac to predict the weather and other forces of nature looming large.

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Henson Matthew Alexander Henson


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Risking his life in the coldest part of the world, Matthew Henson was the first American to discover the North Pole, as part of Robert Peary’s expedition. He spent his life as a young boy traveling the world on the high seas and craved the life of an explorer. Henson’s survival skills in the Artic were the difference between death and the greatest discovery of this life. For 18 years, he searched for what was his to discover. To keep him warm in these sub-freezing temperatures, Henson is wrapped from head to toe in fur and wears goggles to shield his face against the snow. He also comes with snowshoes, a grappling hook, ice axe, sextant and rope to help him blaze the trail through ice and snow. Multiple joints give Henson flexibility to strike any position to trek any terrain.

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